here’s a bit about me

Born to the most loving parents who encouraged me to express myself freely and be myself unapologetically allowed me the space to shape who I am today. But being raised by Ethiopian immigrants in Toronto, while navigating a Canadian society that did not reflect my lived experience brought challenges. Looking back now, I can say that throughout my years in university and in entering the work force, I lost myself. Life for me was just a rat-race — a rat-race that I seemed to be excelling at, but at what cost? I kept asking myself what was the purpose? I was introduced to yoga and mindfulness at the age of 23 and it was a game changer! Almost like a homecoming — in that I finally felt that I knew who I was again. I finally felt at peace again. I was starting to uncover what my purpose was. I had to change what I thought I knew about life and open myself up again. I eventually learned and now understand that this painfully beautiful life is not about the end goal we set for ourselves, it’s not about the destination, but it is all about the journey. Life’s all about the path we are on and the lessons we’ll learn along the way. And what I learned was that every heartache, every loss and every hardship I have faced and will face in future years, is a meaningful part of my journey — an additional piece to the puzzle that reflects who I am in this moment. While currently working in clinical research and guiding yoga classes part-time, curating a wellness blog on the side, and whatever else may come along my path, I have committed to fully embracing this life with passion and humility, so that I won't ever lose myself along the way again and will relish in this marvellous journey.