Power to the People at Last, it's a New Era

Some say abuse of power comes at no surprise, however I do find it very surprising; understandable, but surprising to say the least. I’m amazed at how easy it is for individuals to get away with it, for one. I’m surprised at how few barriers are set in place within our society and government bodies that prevent these abuses from happening so casually and so commonly. I suppose the saying could be based on the fact of how often this occurs is what makes it unsurprising. I feel it’s a double-edged sword though, where on the opposite end of abusing one’s power is the ignorance one actually has to their own, individual power by not using it. I believe that neither can exist without the other, and that is what allows for people with harmful intentions to gain more leverage in our society and grossly abuse their power.

The opposite surprises me too, the way the average person unawarely neglects their power in our daily lives. Neglect and ignorance to one’s power is a theme I play witness to all the time, and it’s really frustrating because I know it’s a result from a moment in time where that person’s power was ripped away from them, or they were never allowed to exercise it to begin with. I know that billionaires, politicians, big-shot CEOs & all of them are abusing their power every single day on God’s Green Earth, and that is typically what we see highlighted on media outlets as a focal point, but like I said, I do not believe that one can exist without the other — these people would not be able to abuse their power unless there are others in place who are relinquishing their own. This could be through either letting another make decisions for them that affect the masses, or perhaps by choosing to take a back seat and remain neutral on an issue for whatever reason. Are they not partially at fault too? Are we not a little at fault, too, if we didn’t stop it? We are all powerful, we’re all smart and we all have ideas and opinions about how things should be (yes, some are are born into society with higher statuses, with privilege and with a head start against most), but more often than not, decisions that will affect the masses lay in the hands of a select few random people who most likely won’t be affected by the consequences of their actions. Like the new Ontario Premier who busted out of nowhere and is now slashing the budgets of every provincial social service ranging from transportation, education, and accessibility services. How did it get this way? And so easily, at that. Queen Latifah says that love of material things is the root of all evil, and I whole-heartedly agree.

I think a better question to ask is, “instead of this, what?” We all step into our power when we acknowledge an unjust situation, how it needs to improve, and what we personally can contribute in the process. It requires awareness of what we can control by letting go of the things that we can’t. Still playing an active member of society by taking advantage of the power in numbers through organizing or educating. In my humble opinion, politicians only consider Black people when they are in need of the Black vote. Once they get it, they’re suddenly blinded again to all of the issues we face. Personally, I think U.S. congresswomen like Ilhan Oman and AOC are so inspiring in the way they demonstrate fearlessness while confidently projecting their voices in a space that was not made for them, while also constantly being shown how unwanted they are in that space. Regardless, they exercise their political and birth rights by taking a stand against evil, by countering evil.

I know politics is a sh*t-show and requires much more patience than I’ll ever possess while holding still onto my sanity, so I look to other areas to offer my service. There are education systems, for example, hospitals and health industries, transit systems, social assistance services — things that are literally here for us; things that exist for the people and so the quality of our lives can be maintained or improved — but they aren’t working. Usually because the individuals who hold decision making power won’t let go of their positions because of the money, and they won’t improve it because of costs, which leaves them with less money and in essence, less power.

This week’s pink full moon in Libra had me feeling all kinds of ways, but I ended it with a guided pink light meditation — which is primarily focused on harvesting love for oneself and spreading it to everyone else around you; to all of humanity. When acting out of love for humanity — love for all beings, that is, not only love for our country-people or the loves in our lives, but love for the collective consciousness and all Earth’s inhabitants — it keeps corruption at a distance and should it arise, it will quickly noticed and stopped, because we all have something to lose when another is oppressed and it will be known. This brings me to the actual point I intended to make… when we grow and share this pure kind of love for all our surroundings, it strengthens and unifies us, and this is best magnified by giving parts of yourself in service for another; to uplift another fellow being. Of course, I’m going to reference Beyoncé’s, Homecoming, because she really didn’t have to do it. She could have just played her show on those weekends and went home to her fifty-’leven children, but she gave more of herself to us. She acknowledged her influence, she saw her power, and chose to use it in a way that would uplift our people in a time when it is so rarely seen. She showed humility and humanness as a way to connect to her fans and the world, so we can feel as strong and as powerful. Beyoncé said, “if my country ass can do it, so can you,” and that resonated with me because her Netflix film amplified the message that we are all the same; we are one. And whatever your power may be; whether you’re an educator, an artist, an advisor, a skilled tech-y; use that power in a way that will benefit another who needs it. Using our power by giving back in this way — by fighting with love in this way — we are countering all of the BS that is thrown in our faces everyday. We will be opposing the immoral abuses of power in the world by reclaiming our own, in silent protest, fighting with love.

Sos EComment