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Overflowing with love



Sensory overload!!!

These are the first few words that come to mind when daydreaming about this past Saturday’s event, Muses. I can hardly begin to express the emotions sitting with me as I write this because the whole night just felt glorious. It was the prime example of community if I have ever seen it in the flesh. The whole evening was so spectacular and wholesome and nurturing and freeing and I’m so grateful to have been a part of itIt surpassed what I had even expected, because I’ve taken the wonderful Kim Katrin Milan’s Body Love Flow classes in the past, and I’m really familiar with Brown Girls Yoga, but this was way different. Being amongst dozens and dozens of rows of women of colour where we are all being celebrated and cared for and “we are centred” was absolutely magical.

I keep circling back to gratitude, because I don’t feel like I can say it enough. I am so grateful for women like Kim and Agape and all the facilitators that came out for creating and holding space for us in this way. We came together with all of our differences, from various walks of life and were all pretty much strangers to one another, but we left laughing and sharing like we were all old, dear friends. There was a common sense of understanding circling between us, even just in the way we’d make eye contact and greet each other. I think part of what made it so special was that it is so rare we have the chance to experience something like this. It’s rare in our work settings, our learning environments, in our political systems and sometimes even our living situations, like how my first experience living on University campus was. The scarcity of these experiences between women and people of colour coupled with all the horrendous stories in the news about people like us makes navigating this world that much more difficult, making these types of spaces so much more necessary. We had a young woman at the event express her frustration that these types of gatherings are never organized in the West Coast, and other folks sharing that this is one of the first places they came out to upon moving to Toronto. There was another young facilitator sharing stories about sitting in conference meetings as the only woman in the room and the only person of colour in the room. We will always be that ‘one in some-outrageously-small-number’ of people who look like us and share our life experiences, and we need this type of bonding to thrive and remain whole in this life.

This is why we need people in positions of power to create spaces for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) only, to have the ability to heal and network and be mentored, because it’s so rare and it shouldn’t be. We need community. I want everyone to feel the way I felt that night. What an amazing space to meet new and like-minded people, in a room with sisterhood at the heart of it all. This is just the type of boost we need; the exact encouragement that would push us beyond the limits we have set for ourselves and into the greater levels of success that we are destined for. It’s possible and we just need to be reminded of that sometimes. So I sincerely thank you, Kim and Agape and Lululemon and every single soul that graced our presence this Saturday evening at Muses. I bow to you Earthangels and bitch let’s actually all fix our credit, pool our money and buy back the block!

I want to leave you with the lovely weekly horoscope message that I found in my inbox this morning from The Numinous, because I think it applies to more than Scorpios and Scorpio risings, and maybe it’s something we could collectively commit to doing more often as a community ~

“Take time out to recognize those solid relationships that simultaneously anchor and uplift you. Is there ever a limit to the gratitude that can be shown for relationships like these? Give freely in your compliments and recognitions of these people. The process will help you feel closer to yourself.”@sandysitron

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